Next Regular Sale is Jan 22nd starting at 10am-----------------------------------Next Bred Cow and Heifer Sale is Jan 29th following the Regular Sale

Regular Sale with Show Alley

Date Location Time  
02/20/2018 9:00 am   


35 head - Charolais Cross 700lbs hfrs 

78 head - Black and Red 600lbs hfrs 

90 head - heifers 

180 head - Steers 

100 head - Heifers 

50 head - Charolais Cross Steers 

50 head - Steers 

65 head - Steers 

80 head - Mixed Steers and Heifers 

Video Sale Cattle

Rowledge Farms In house Video Sale 

Lot A - 65 Charolais cross Steers, Large frame, Medium flesh 975lbs

Video Here 

Lot B - 132 Charolais cross Steers, Large frame, Medium flesh 960lbs 

Video Here 

Lot C - 66 Black Simmental Cross Steers, Large frame, Medium flesh 950lbs

Video Here 

All lots have a 4% shrink, 35% rolled Barley/ Silage ration, salt & mineral program. Full feedlot health, Zuprevo and Dectomax. Small calves will be sorted out, immediate delivery. 

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