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About Us

Family-owned and committed to local cattle producers, as always.

Stettler Auction Market was founded in 1953 by Charlie McKay and Thomas (Ace) Pratt and from 1990 to 2016 was operated by Charlie McKay’s sons-in-law Jim Abel and Greg Hayden.

In October 2016, ownership of the Stettler Auction Market was transferred from one long-time Stettler family to another, with brothers Darrell and Gary Rairdan, along with their wives Darla and Leigh, taking the reins.

The Rairdan family has generations of history with the Stetter Auction Market, with Gary and Darrell’s father Larry, hauling pigs there for weekly sales and mother Norma, working in the office for two decades.

Darla’s mother, Marilyn LaRose, also worked in the Stettler Auction Market office and her father, Paul, frequently did business with the McKay family.

Gary, Darrell and Darla all have fond memories of playing at the auction market as children, including Charlie McKay always giving them a quarter to spend.

“As I got older, Charlie always told me to save quarters and buy cows,” recollects Gary.
“Operating the Stettler Auction Market is the realization of my lifelong dream to work with cattle and cattle producers, and we look forward to continuing the Stettler Auction Market legacy as a local, family-run business.”

Gary’s decades of experience in the cattle industry includes ten years at Remington Land and Cattle, managing a 1500 cow purebred herd, 1500-cow commercial herd, and 6500 head backgrounding feedlot with operations in Alberta and co-managing Saskatchewan operations with Darrell.
Gary has also specialized in marketing purebred cattle and sales across Canada with Bouchard Livestock International and worked as a sales consultant and herd manager for other large purebred breeders.

The Rairdans also have deep roots in the Stettler business community, with Darrell being a co-founder of the successful Jiro Manufacturing and now GM of Canadian Humlite plant east of Settler.

Darrell, Darla, Gary and Leigh are committed to their long-term friends, neighbors and business associates in the Stettler area and are excited to work with the dedicated staff at Stettler Auction Market to continue to serve local cattle producers.

Although there has been consolidation among auction markets in recent years, the Rairdans stand behind Stettler Auction Market’s long-term philosophy that there will always be a need for mid-sized community auction markets to ensure competition and transparency.

As a local, family-run business, Stettler Auction Market will continue to be flexible and progressive in order to meet the needs of its clients into the future.

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