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Bred Cow and Heifer Sale

Date Location Time  
11/30/2018 11:00 am   

Dispersal Cows

88 head total of Dispersal Cows       25 head- 2nd calvers

                                                    18 head - 4th calvers

                                                    19 head - 5th calvers

Full herd health on all cows, Feb 15th Calvers


Bred Cows

9 head - Black Angus Cows Bred Red Simmental, due mid march. Full Herd health this fall.

30 head - Mid to older Red Angus Cows, Bred Red Angus exposed June 15th.

25 head - Black and Red Cows bred Black Angus, exposed May 18th to July 27th. 8-way and Ivomec in the fall.

12 head - Red cows

6 head - Black 3rd calving cows bred black angus

Bred Heifers

23 head - Black/ BBF Bred Heifers. Cattle master 4 VLS, 7way with Somnus, and Dectomax.

19 head - RBF Heifers Bred to a low birthweight  Red Angus Bull, 45 day exposure June 7th - July 21.

23 head - RBF/ Red heifers bred Red angus. Exposed June 7th

18 head - Charolais cross tan Heifers, Bred Red Angus. Exposed June 8th

30 head - Red angus heifers and second calvers. Bred Red Angus exposed June 15th to dmid August.

8 head - Red and Black Heifers Bred to a Black Angus bull

20 head - Red Heifers bred Red Angus. Due mid march to end of April.

20 head - Black heifers bred Black angus



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