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Regular Sale Featuring Bred Cows and Heifers

Date Location Time  
01/29/2019 10:00 am   

Show Alley

100 head - Charolais Cross Heifers

100 head - Charolais cross Steers


Video Cattle

Merv & Wanda Toews have 2 lots of excellent home raised Charolais cross steers and heifers for sale by live online video. All the calves have been started on a 20% ration for 6weeks and incresed to a 25% ration for 6 weeks. Then increased to a 30% ration for the last 2 weeks. Full Feedlot health, Ivermectin, Draxin and 1 ralgro implant.

Lot 1 - 65 head 940 lbs Charolais cross steers, Large frame, large - Med flesh.

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Lot 2 - 59 head of 870lbs Charolais cross Heifers, Large frame, Large - Med flesh.

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Rowledge Farms have 2 lots of excellent reputation show alley calves from last fall. Full Feedlot health and ivomectin and draxin last fall. 30% rolled barley / corn silage ration.

Lot 1 - 3 loads from 235 head of 1000lbs Charolais cross steers with a few Simmental Cross Steers. Large frame, Med Flesh.

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Lot 2 - 66 head of 950lbs Black Angus and Simmental cross Steers. Large frame, Med Flesh.

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